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About Us


Our Approach

All Virginia Classic USA tobacco products are blended with only premium
tobaccos. This results in smooth rich flavors that will be greatly enjoyed by the
consumer. This enjoyment incubates a strong loyal customer base that results in
repeat sales and profits for both the Distributor and Retailer of our Virginia Classic brand.
A many decades old and proven manufacturing process insures repeat sales by
providing the end user with the same great flavor and same quality every single
time they enjoy our products.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and at Virginia Classic USA our beginning started with our customer base overseas asking about the opportunity to provide a brand of tobacco products consistent with American quality and flavor. Our customer base created the opportunity for the Virginia Classic USA brand to be developed in 2016. Fueled by our passion to produce consistent and affordable filter cigarettes made in the USA, that would increase our customer base and their profits, this led to the creation of something new. Our roots are in the Americas but our reach and goals are global.  We welcome inquiries from any region in the world and are prepared to exceed your consumer’s expectations.

Next Steps…

Virginia Classic USA would like to offer you the opportunity to increase your
profits and grow your customer base. By becoming a Virginia Classic USA
distributor, you have the opportunity to secure Distributor Rights to approved
regions for the distribution and sales of the Virginia Classic Brands of filter cigarettes that are
Please review the attached Virginia Classic USA Price List.  Do not hesitate to contact one of our international sales associates in your region or contact Mr. Leo Nicastro and Mr. Jimmy Shepard so they can help you with your order and assist in immediately increasing your profits.
Virginia Classic USA will be expanding our product line in the very near future
with the Virginia Classic Blue and Green (Menthol) blends as well.
At Virginia Classic USA, we value your consideration and your business.

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